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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are located in a Japanese Beetle zone, we will treat your lawn free of charge. Simply give us a call, and we will check your address and with your consent, we will book your free application. The application works against both Chafer beetles and Japanese beetles.

Our money-back guarantee applies to lawns treated during the appropriate application window; we will warranty all applications administered from April through June.

If you have a grub infestation within 1-calendar year of application, we will refund your money for the affected lawn. If you have purchased treatment for your back and front lawns, we will refund your money for the affected lawn only.


  • Grubs in portions of the back lawn and portions of the front lawn = Full Refund
  • No sign of grubs in the front lawn, grubs in a small portion of the back lawn = Refund for the entire back lawn (if 75% of your lawn is in the backyard, we will refund 75% of your payment, provided that the front lawn application was successful).

Alternatively, we can contract repairs for damages up to $800 including raking up debris, topdressing, seeding and fertilizing to re-establish the infected areas.

We will send a technician to test your soil for grubs and report our findings.

In a typical year, we have a failure rate of 2-4 properties per 100 applications or a success rate of 96% to 98%. We rely on our customers to water the lawn one time to activate the product. On occasion our customer may forget to water the lawn or water inadequately or too much.

An earlier than normal seasonal drought will cause lawns to enter summer dormancy earlier than anticipated, this will reduce the uptake of application into the root system.

Very rarely there may be application error by the technician, we apply the upper limit of our products to ensure any missed areas are still treated through diffusion by watering. We had treatment and animals are digging up the yard, does that mean I have grubs?

Local critters like skunks, crows, and raccoons are creatures of habit. They will often test areas of the lawn for grubs and move on when they can’t find a source of food. This is very common during spring and fall seasons, particularly in regions neighborhoods affected by Chafer beetle grubs.

We recommend annual treatment while spring and fall season lawn damage is visible within your neighbourhood. Our application will guarantee a grub free lawn for 1 year after application; however, the beetle will lay eggs every July throughout the neighborhood. We cannot guarantee that the beetle will not lay eggs in your lawn during the following year’s lifecycle. Think of it as an insurance against infestation until the beetle has migrated away from your area.

Our application is 100% safe for mammals (pets and people), as well as non-target insects like bees, worms, and other beneficial species.

Municipalities are using the same products on sports fields, dog parks, playgrounds, and public spaces.

Our products are regulated and require a license for both purchase and application; they are not sold in stores.

My lawn only has grubs in the front yard, should I apply in the back too?

The Chafer beetle will mate in nearby trees and shrubs throughout June and deposit eggs at random. Whether or not they lay eggs in the front or back is not possible to know until it is too late for effective treatment, we recommend applying on the entire property.

Applications are based on Chafer beetle life cycles, the best time to apply is during spring.

Our treatment only requires one application per year.

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